Welcome to Gemstone Universe!

Founded in 2011, Gemstone Universe is a subsidiary company of the global jewelry brand Anemone. Our main store located in Haifa - a beautiful city on the Mediterranean sea and also known as “Israel’s San Francisco". Our company is run with passion and love for the jewelry making industry.

What We Do

Our main goal is to supply high-quality products for designers & jewelry makers. Every jewelry creation and craftsmanship has its own unique needs, therefore, we aim to provide high-grade goods for jewelry making and the best customer service for our customers. 

What We Offer

Our main products are semi-precious gemstones and semi-precious beads. They are manufactured in India and Brazil. We can procure almost every gemstone there is and can produce custom orders of various sizes, shapes, and cuts, depending on the needs of our clients. We have a wide array of gemstones to choose from and we also offer great wholesale discounts to businesses of up to 70% off. 

Why Choose Us

We understand that stones are very important aspects of making jewelry. That means the best products for our clients. The process of selecting our stones starts with choosing the right rough and making sure the mineral is of high quality. We run a facility with strict quality control during production and before shipment. We are committed to preserving client interests and doing our best to ship only the finest stones we have in stock.

Thanks for your time,

Lior Segev
Co-Founder & CEO





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